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Grizzly Industrial G0833P

2. Grizzly Industrial G0833PThis is another hybrid cabinet table saw that gives you the benefits of both cabinet style table saw, and contractor style table saw in a single table saw machine. It is lightweight, and you will not find any difficulty in transporting the machine. It comes in the size of the high-end contractor style saw but has the dust control, and full features of the cabinet style table saw.

Just like the other hybrid series of the table saw, Grizzly Industrial G0833P comes with a quick-change blade guard that can be changed in a matter of seconds with ease. It also features anti-kickback pawls which you can position away from the workpiece.

Besides, this cabinet table saw also features the interchangeable riving knife that offers the ultimate protection for the woodcutting jobs which demand the blade guard, like non-through woodcutting operations. This is the feature that will be the envy of any cabinet table saw models.

Apart from this, Grizzly Industrial G0833P also features the serpentine pulley/saw system that ensures to keep the woodcutting job silent, while enhancing the power transfer. This cabinet table saw also features the encapsulated dust collection system which collects the dust efficiently to create little or no mess in the work area.

Above all, the prime benefit associated is that it comes with a Camlock T-shaped fence with dual positioning extruded aluminum face. This is something with which you can make your woodcutting jobs easier and efficient.


  • An encapsulated dust collection system
  • Interchangeable riving knife
  • Camlock T-Shared Fence


  • Not efficient for hardwoods

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